About Moi


My story is an epic love affair with travel and I'm blissfully at awe with all this world offers. I'm a 25 year-old small town kiwi gal with adventure engrained in her soul. I was lucky enough to  grow up in Europe and donned my first backpack at the age of ten. After working the past few years as an Occupational Therapist in Christchurch, the itchy feet have returned. Now I’m exploring all corners of the planet. 

Kai & Fly is a vehicle for storytelling. I’ll be using my Occupational Therapy roots to inform the journey and explore what it means to be human. My passion is for cooking and I’m intrigued by the magic behind sharing a meal. Food unites us! So I’ll be exploring food-culture from local perspectives, discovering all the ways that meals narrate a meaningful life. 

Im passionate about Wellbeing and living a balanced and meaningful life, I will share how I look after my mental and physical health and how you too can be part of the process. 

So friends, come join me on the quest to inspire other adventurous souls. Travel leads to self-discovery! 

Do you believe humans are designed for more than just ourselves? If we start living for each other, change is inevitable!

Thailand 2017