Become a Babe in Business

Babes in Business is a project geared towards people that have that entrepreneurial spirit inside of them, women who have a huge passion for health but aren’t sure how to create an income from it, women who want to travel the world, professional women, crazy busy mums and women who just want more than the 9-5pm corporate job.

This business is perfect for those already with a day job, those that just want to earn an extra #sidehustle income, those who are already in business but aren’t quite sure how to get their feet off the ground, those who know there is way more to life than working 50 hour weeks for 50+ years and those who know they're worth more that $$ symbol on top of their head each hour. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, we’re all here for the same reasons… To be our own boss and take control of our lives!

My personal story, I am a travel junkie! I love exploring all corners of the world whenever I can. I currently work part time as an Occupational Therapist working with Youth Mental Health.  I have dreams one day of opening up my own center or providing a program for Mental Health in schools. But currently my passion lies with travelling and spending time with people I love! So for me, this business is perfect! I still get the human interaction and freedom to work from wherever I am in the world. I’m passionate about looking after my body and mind and want to help you to look after yours too.

To find out more about working online and some amazing testimonials such out the Babes in Business website below

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