What to expect from joining

People have experienced increased energy & concentration throughout the day. More restful sleep, healthier skin, hair, nails. Others report decreased cravings, a better understanding and education on the food you're eating & why. Other benefits include; increased immune system, reduced body fat, increased muscle tone, and a decreased appearance of cellulite. This contains a delicious wholesome diet full of variety, no restriction, no dieting, no deprivation, overall increased wellbeing & quality of life.

As a member of The Healthstyle Emporium you will receive:

a 16 week Wholistic Health Program with Recipes, Meal Guides & Shopping Lists
Home & Gym Exercise, Yoga & Meditation Guides
Life Coaching Activities
Access to our Monthly Online Educational Workshops
100% Natural, Vegan & Gluten Free Wholefood Supplement Pack according to your goals
New Recipes Weekly
Discounted Tickets for regular events
Access to The Healthstyle Emporium Private Support Group
Daily Motivation
Consistent Check in Consults to help keep you accountable
24/7 Support from The Healthstyle Emporium Team to answer ALL Questions/Concerns


One of the best parts about the program, if you have children - they get whole food nutrition FREE!

 We are 100% believers in the importance of Children's Nutrition and ensuring they are eating wholesome, nourishing foods to improve their concentration and energy, allowing their bodies & brains to develop into healthy, happy little humans! With so many mama's in our group, we have numerous resources to help you to get your kid's craving and asking for veggies instead of sugary processed foods (mark my words).

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