Whether you're wanting to,

- Lose weight
- Improve your lifestyle, health & happiness,
- Introduce yoga, meditation & relaxation into your life,
- Decrease stress
- Learn all there is to know about nutrition & exercise,
- Be kept accountable, 
- Improve the appearance of your skin, hair & nails,
- Treat uncomfortable digestive issues,
- Have a support group where you know you're not alone,
- Or you just want to improve your general overall well being, feeling & motivation,

Then #TheHSE is for you... 


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The Emporium Package

From NZ$74 per week








Lifestyle package

Lifestyle Package

NZ$62.50/ week


On-the-go Package

NZ$40.25/ week

skin essentials

Skin Essentials Package

NZ$27.60/ week 

Back to basics

Back to Basics Package

From NZ$22.40/ week 


Trio Package

From NZ$34.50/ week

Berry delicious

Berry Delicious

From NZ$13.26/ week

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Premium Package

From NZ$49.70/ week

shake it off

Kids Package


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