mental health in schools 

So guys, this is something I am really passionate about and its just currently moving from the idea stage to the reality stage. 

I have this goal to create a program which I can take around schools providing education on mental health. Currently "Health' is a subject only available until year 10. I hope to make a change to this and make is school wide.  

The question that has been posed to you your whole life, ever since you were five years old just setting out to go to school the world at your finger tips, people always asked you, 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' The classics, of course, being a Princess or an Astronaut a Movie star or a Singer. As you grow and learn, discover your talents and passions this idea evolves into a Writer or a Designer, a Nurse or a Builder and then it all starts to get real you hit this age of 16 and 17 merely still a child and decisions and expectations are thrown out there, are you going to uni? Are you slimming your options with those classes? and its not surprising if you freak out! Schools currently don't provide support or teaching around how to cope with exam stress or the anxiety that comes with your future. My aim is to develop a program to get Mental Health into schools to address some of the issues early. 

So stay tuned as I discover where this idea could take me.   

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